Welcome to the Star Trek Online Loot Parser! Simply click "Choose Files" below, select your chatlogs, and click OK. The parser will process your chatlogs, looking for chat messages indicating that you gained or lost Contraband, Dilithium (including Refined Dilithium), Dilithium Ore, or Energy Credits. It will then compile the results into a table with the net gains for each day.

By default, your logs are stored in a folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\Perfect World Entertainment\Star Trek Online_en_<yyyymmddhhmmss>\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient, where <yyyymmddhhmmss> represents the exact time that you last installed STO on your computer.

If you play for a few hours every day, this process takes around 1 second per month of logs. Note that it will take longer if you don't turn off your chatlog during combat! Combat logs only contain messages related to combat, while chat logs contain all messages sent to your chat window, including those not displayed in your current chat tab (or even any tab), including combat messages. You can save storage space and processing time by turning off chat logging during combat, as chat logs with combat can be over 10x larger.

/chatlogTells you whether chat logging is on or off.
/chatlog 0Turns off chat logging.
/chatlog 1Turns on chat logging.
/combatlogTells you whether combat logging is on or off.
/combatlog 0Turns off combat logging.
/combatlog 1Turns on combat logging.